Namaste Retreat Center in Boerne TX. Namaste Retreat Center in Boerne TX. Namaste Retreat Center in Boerne TX.

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Art and Creativity Retreats

Art and creativity retreats outside of San Antonio, TX at Namaste Retreat.Namaste Retreat provides the perfect venue for any type of art or creativity retreat. Many artist, writers, scrapbookers, quilters, beading, drumming, and singing groups have enjoyed the private, beautiful atmosphere of Namaste Retreat. You may give a workshop/seminar, training sessions, or just get together for group practice. There are many outdoor areas to enjoy your creative process in small groups or individually as well as several large meeting spaces to regroup and share.

Spending quality time together as a group develops unity and provides an opportunity to grow as a group. Without outside distractions, individuals not only bond as a group, but also have time for much needed self discovery and renewal.

Testimonials form high school creative writers:

“This stay has changed me in numerous ways: I feel closer to myself, and have a truth and appreciation I didn’t have before.”

“Others said “Namaste” as a joke. So did I. They let it go, I didn’t. They watched videos on their laptops; I went outside. I went through the darkness of night- a world of it’s own. Look at the moon and fear fades away! The next dawn led me towards the labyrinth. I saw each layer as the auras; Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Violet, and White. The outside, Red, seemed as one’s individual self. The path led to the Green and the White- the balance and wholeness of everyone-it made me rethink myself and the world .I also felt more with nature than ever before. Others said it and let it go, but I learned from it in the best ways I could see fit. My time here-I don’t want to leave.”

“To watch my students find themselves through their writing is a beautiful thing- made so because I know the environment opened up their minds to their inner voices. Thanks.”

Art and creativity retreats at Namaste Retreat in Boerne Texas. Art and creativity retreats at Namaste Retreat in Boerne Texas.        For More Information or to Check Availability, Call:  830.385.2333
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