Namaste Retreat Center in Boerne TX. Namaste Retreat Center in Boerne TX. Namaste Retreat Center in Boerne TX.

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Spiritual Retreat

Why go on a spiritual retreat?

We all have an innate desire to return to our spiritual nature. Retreat opportunities are being recognized by many today as valuable ways to re-energize ones' soul by becoming aware of a higher presence. Namaste Retreat provides a peaceful, beautiful atmosphere in which to make your connection with your higher self and whatever form you consider divine energy. Namaste Retreat is nondenominational, open and receptive to host whatever type of spiritual retreat you prefer. The property provides many areas to escape by yourself to enjoy nature, journal, sketch, contemplate, walk the labyrinth and reflexology path, enjoy the Zen garden or just relax by the creek. The house has a large meeting room adjoining a cozy sunken living room with fireplace. There are 2 kitchens, which offers meal preparation in a separate area from meetings. Please look at the customized retreat page for ideas and facilitators to help complete your spiritual retreat.

Individual retreat/mini sabbatical is available during most week days and last minute for weekends. You may book the red lady room with kitchen and living space or the star room {refer to the overnight section of web site} It’s likely you will have the entire property to yourself, giving you the quiet peace you need. There are times when you could even have an extended private visit, particularly around all holidays.


“It has been a healing experience. A place to commune and connect with your inner self and the women that bless my life. Thank you for creating the avenue and opportunity to share.”

“Becky, what a haven for Spirit, Love, Light and Abundance!”

“Becky, your place is peaceful, a true refuge for the soul. Thank you for your kindness and generosity. May God give you blessings ten fold!”

According to a Time Magazine article, "Get Thee to a Monastery", there is a startling increase in the number of people looking for the solace and escape offered by traditional religious abbeys, convents and monasteries. "Across the country, Catholic monasteries and convents, usually regarded as strange or the stuff of medieval myth, are besieged with would-be restaurants and booked months in advance."
In his book entitled Retreat, Roger Housden cites that, "Today, more people are going on retreat than ever before. While the Christian monastic tradition is in decline all over the Western world, retreat facilities of every spiritual denomination are full weeks, even months, in advance." He continues "spiritual retreats are more popular than ever, although they rarely entail the intensity and privations of medieval fervor."

During the 90's there was a quiet explosion of the number of people in America longing for deeper meaning, greater simplicity and a connection to the Divine. Besides reading more books on spirituality, people are looking for places to escape the noises, pressures and anxieties of their busy daily life. Throughout North America there are over 1,000 monasteries, abbeys and spiritual retreat centers where one can reorient oneself from the hectic life to a place of spiritual, mental and physical refreshment.
Mike George in his book entitled Discover Inner Peace described this escape from the buzz of our busy world as "periods of retreat - a weekend, a week, even longer if possible". This private time "can certainly help us tap deeper into our inner silence, and in this respect a brief retirement from the distraction of daily living can benefit everyone". The retreat experience is seen as a temporary withdrawal from daily life designed to empower the individual to fulfill his or her spiritual value within the circumstances of daily life.

There are many retreat centers across North America inviting all to partake of their beauty, solitude, holiness and teachers. As the need for spirituality in ones' life increases, the need to re-energize, reflect and pray at retreat locations also increases. Medical doctors will soon be prescribing that people take a day every month to go on retreat, a long weekend every three months, and a longer sabbatical on a regular basis, simply to recharge their batteries and survive the intensity of our societies' high stress levels.

The Time article states "while organized church retreats are not new, what is startling is that much of the increase is in individual restaurants, including many Protestants and even non-Christians, who say the Catholic monasteries, with their ancient chants, beautiful grounds and prices at a pittance, offer the most refreshing vacation going. Now, say the monks, if only they could keep the growing horde down to the true spiritual seekers, not just vacationers at Club God."

FindtheDivine’s mission is to provide all the practical information required for the seekers of a spiritual quest to find the facilities, teachers and programs necessary for a successful escape from daily life pressures to the quiet of God. It will then be up to the seeker to complete the mission of finding God in the peaceful surroundings of holy places and people. God is speaking to us all the time and our daily world is too busy to hear His voice. Retreat centers offer an environment for this conversation to take place.        For More Information or to Check Availability, Call:  830.385.2333
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